Our role as an MBO adviser

Our role as an MBO adviser

Appointing a corporate finance adviser when considering an MBO is crucial. Our role is comprehensive and involves overseeing all facets of the transaction, starting from the initial meetings and continuing to its conclusion.

Before engaging with the seller, we perform a feasibility review to assess the viability of the MBO. Given the inherent complexities of MBOs, early and sound advice is paramount. Throughout the MBO process, the management team faces increased pressure while juggling their regular management duties.

We can save you valuable time and effort by gauging the prospects of success for the management team. This feasibility review addresses the following critical questions:

  1. Does a viable MBO team exist?
  2. What might be the seller’s asking price for the business?
  3. Can a financial package be structured to meet this price?
  4. What finance options are potentially available?
  5. Who might be interested in participating in the deal?

As the MBO progresses, our advisers provide guidance and assistance in the following areas:

  1. Assessing the feasibility of the MBO.
  2. Initiating and conducting negotiations with the seller.
  3. Drafting preliminary agreement terms.
  4. Assisting in developing the content of the business plan.
  5. Preparing comprehensive, integrated financial forecasts to illustrate debt serviceability while ensuring sufficient working capital.
  6. Identifying potential lenders interested in the transaction.
  7. Initiating and negotiating with lending institutions.
  8. Organizing and participating in meetings with prospective financial backers and assisting in preparing presentations for them.
  9. Aiding in the selection of legal and tax advisers.
  10. Monitoring and managing transaction costs.
  11. Project management oversight until the MBO’s successful completion.

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